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We stock a wide range of Ammunition and are a Winchester Ammunition Specialist Stockist under their WASSP scheme.

However we also stock:


  and more.


 We also stock Gamebore shotgun cartridges


Please note an ORIGINAL and VALID Shotgun Certificate* must be presented for the purchase of shotgun cartridges
Or an ORIGINAL and VALID Firearms Certificate* must be presented for the purchase of all other ammunition, as we must enter them on to your certificate


It is not our wish or intention to disappoint our customers – but this
requirement is law, and we cannot and will not make exceptions to this legal requirement.

It is not an offence to possess or gift cartridges but it is an offence to sell – as per section 5 of the 1988 Amendment act:

Restriction on sale of ammunition for smooth-bore guns.
(1) This section applies to ammunition to which section 1 of the principal Act does not apply and which is capable of being used in a shot gun or in a smooth-bore gun to which that section applies.
(2) It is an offence for a person to sell any such ammunition to another person in the United Kingdom who is neither a registered firearms dealer nor a person who sells such ammunition by way of trade or business unless that other person—
(a) produces a certificate authorising him to possess a gun of a kind mentioned in subsection (1) above; or
(b) shows that he is by virtue of that Act or this Act entitled to have possession of such a gun without holding a certificate; or
(c) produces a certificate authorising another person to possess such a gun, together with that person’s written authority to purchase the ammunition on his behalf.

* a suitable visitors or other permit may also be used