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Jewell Trigger 
Brand new Jewell trigger, model HVRTSBR-A which includes RH safety; for the Remington 700 range.
This is the Hunter/Varmint/Bench-rest model




Calvin Elite Timney Trigger group
Brand new Calvin Elite model 520-CE replacement Trigger/upgrade for the Remington 700 range of rifles, this version includes safety and is adjustable between 8oz and 2.5lb 




Gun Cleaning Station
A fantastic Gun-maintenance Box by Plano USA, allows for storage of tools parts, cleaning kit etc. Complete with tray and Yoke supports to hold your gun securely. Great for in-house or on-range work.  


(Tools and cleaning kit not included – BUT AVAILABLE!!!!)

Last two left! 




Competition Shooting Mat
Great Shooting Mat by Midway USA , available in Olive Drab only – Last one left!!!