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We will remain open in line with Government Guidelines, visits by appointment only:

We will continue to provide Sales (Firearms, Ammunition, Reloading equipment, Accessories, etc.); Repairs, Storage and so on; ONLY where such activities relate to: Direct and indirect Food production, the protection of crops, wildlife, Farmed animals, or the safety of persons.

We will not accept appointments or sales where such sales relate solely to target or similar activities.

We would also request that during any attendance, this is kept to a minimum in terms of numbers and duration and that we all practice good hygiene before and after to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19)   


Well we are back up on-line, and are getting lots of emails through that we didn’t see before – so we will get back to you now we know!
We are being moved to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) today following issues with our old (current) ISP.
We have been assured that the switch over will be painless and straightforward!
Please bear with us if you try to contact us over the next few days, as we do not share their optimism.
We will post a new piece of news when it has been completed successfully.

We have recently become the unwitting victim/innocent party in an email spoofing scam therefore the email address is no longer in use.



There are actually three addresses in an email – obtainable by opening the full header and envelope.


The genuine sender

The envelop and header contains a full list of each server to server message route, down at the bottom will be the actual originating address – this is easily machine readable but looks like complete nonsense to the average user – this is actually the address of the person (in this case the scammer) who sent the email – I have no idea who this is as I have never seen any of the scam emails!



This is the address used by anti-spam software, out of office, the “reply” button in email clients etc. It’s usually set to the same email as above by the email software (outlook etc), however can be set to anything, in this case the spammer has used my email address as the innocent party who receives all the responses – I am currently getting over 500 “replies” to emails I haven’t sent per day!



This may be set by the user and is usually a friendly-form of the user’s email – for example <Joe Smith (sales)> rather than joseph.c.Smith45@…….  In this case the scammer has set this different to the “Reply-To” with something containing the names Merlin and/or Catherine based upon the responses I have seen.  



The scammer has to use a genuine email address in the “Reply-To” field, hence they find some genuine email address from anywhere – it doesn’t matter to them that the email address they pick is flooded with responses, or that the business’ reputation suffers – it’s just a random email address!



All the scammer needs, is that the user opens the email – or even tries to open any attachments – as based on the automatic responses received from many anti-virus software systems the original message contains a virus ‘HEUR:Exploit.MSOffice.Generic’ – although the spammer may be using other vira so it could be others.


Therefore please note, this scam has NOTHING to do with us, and if you opened the email then you probably fell victim to the above or similar virus!  

Our new website is now live, lots more work to do!

Guns for sale page is under development, so keep checking back for latest changes!

It’s been a bit of an effort but we have nearly completed the migration of our web site over to WordPress – hopefully we will be able to update this more easily , the old version was a nightmare, so updates were few and far between.

Please do keep checking as we migrate pages over.