Custom Guns

Custom Guns

So What is a Custom Gun?

Actually there isn’t an easy answer, to some adding sling
swivels, or other such modification results in a custom gun, to others its only
a custom gun when you have modified, or produced a new gun which is totally to your design!

Weather you are looking to have a full custom, or just the addition or change of various parts such as replacement trigger groups (or trigger jobs), new stocks etc or anything else, we are happy to do this for you.

So what are the options?

General Customisations

These could take many forms, but we would be happy to discuss the options, bedding a good action, or fitting a custom stock can work wonders, fitting a new barrel or changing the chamber gives a gun a new lease of life – think of the choices and discuss!

Full gun-Build using a donor action

This is an extension of the General Customisations, but usually involves “truing” the action, re-barrelling and fitting new stock and trigger group, essentially it becomes a new gun – the action itself being unrecognisable from its previous form.

To really understand this process, please see our dedicated “Truing the Action” page.

Full gun-Build using a Custom action

This is a further extension of the re-working option, but is actually all new parts including the action, usually by BAT or any other Custom action maker, and of course requires a new barrel, stock and trigger group, it is a new gun to your specifications.

Whichever is your choice – we are able to build to your requirements.