Lead ban proposals – we all need your help:

Nearly all use of lead ammunition is under threat of a total ban.

We face our biggest challenge yet – making our voice heard on lead ban proposals for England, Wales and Scotland.
The Health and Safety Executive has published its final opinion on banning lead ammunition, and we have until 10 December to tell them what we think.
In summary, a ban on lead airgun pellets has been dropped, and target shooting with lead rifle ammunition will be allowed to continue at approved ranges (UNLIKEY TO BE ANY OUTDOOR RANGES APPROVED LOCALLY – maybe national ranges in England such as Bisley, and Diggle). However, nearly every other outdoor recreational use of lead ammunition is still under threat of a total ban.
Note – although military ranges may be exempt – it is likely that either non-lead must be used by civilians, or the civilian use of the ranges may be stopped.
Those seeking a lead ban are counting on a small response from us – and things are not looking good with an estimated 300 responses submitted so far!
It does not help that the survey response form contains mostly technical and confusing questions. However, there is a shortcut and it will take less than five
minutes of your time

How to respond to the consultation

Just skip to the last section of the survey and in ‘general comments’ tell them, in your own words, what you think about a lead ban based on your own shooting interests and experience. There are no right or wrong views, so let’s give them thousands of reasons to rethink their proposals.
Click here to go straight to the online survey form
Click here if you need more information before
Thank you for your support.
Please share this information with everyone.
This could cripple our sport – and make many of your firearms/shotguns literally worthless!
The above information is based on BASC’s email to it’s members







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For years we had the correct details on Google – contact details, location, information about what we do etc.
Then Google decided to add a second version – with the wrong address, wrong contact details etc.
We managed to get this sorted by adding stuff like “this is a duplicate entry with the wrong address etc” on the duplicate.
Google have now deleted the correct one, kept the wrong one, and removed all the corrections we had sorted on the wrong one! – And passed this information to Yell who now also have the wrong details!!!
Our address is:
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Our phone number is 01501 741714
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WE ARE NOT AT Bridgend place — THIS IS WRONG!




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