About Us

About Us

Owned by Julie & Tony Green, J Russell F/A
was started by Julie over 22 years ago in Manchester.

Since Julie & Tony were both active IPSC shooters the company was formed to build their own and other competitor’s guns – mainly raceguns for IPSC, Steel
Challange, and the Bianchi cup.

This work wasn’t just restricted to Pistols/Revolvers though as we were also
engaged to build, repair and modify a whole range of firearms – including
the development of Nitro conversions to BP style revolvers, and custom
mini-rifles following the “Handgun Ban”.

In 1999 we located the business to our present location in Scotland, and due
to market forces in the locale, dropped the Nitro conversions/mini-rifles in
favour of more “sporting” And “Target” firearms.

Thus for over 18 years we have been concentrating on the sale, repair and
manufacture of Sport and target firearms and associated Accessories,


So Why have so many people never heard of us?
Due to the nature of our business we have always worked by word-of-mouth,
and have not advertised even though we have been very active over our time in West Lothian.

So Why the change now?
The world is now very internet-driven, so even those who knew us well would search on the web,
and without a presence – wrongly assume we were out of business! Hence this website to show our valuable customers, that not only
are we here, but we are expanding all the time.