Firearm Transfers (RFD-RFD/Remote sales)

We are happy to act as Sending RFD or Receiving RFD
We charge £25 (Firearms/Shotguns) or  £10 (Air weapons) as Receiving RFD and £25 + secure Postage as Sending RFD

Please do note however, that there are two processes which may be followed, we are happy to follow either – in the appropriate circumstances: 

The Traditional Method

The police however have now started to add a note on people’s certificates – this note is usually note 4 and usually appears on page 4 of Firearm Certificates – Titled “Guidance for the Holder of this Certificate” – and sub-titled “Guidance to anybody who sells, lets on hire, gives or lends firearms and/or ammunition to the holder of this certificate” (or the similar note usually on page 3 of Shotgun Certificates):


In this case, the Seller/Selling RFD enters it on the buyer’s certificate NOT the Receiving RFD


Please note, that the Buyer’s certificate must be in the Seller’s possession to transfer the firearm(s) to the Sending RFD, and the Buyer’s certificate must be back in their possession – with the firearm(s) entered correctly on their certificate, in order to collect from the Receiving RFD

If we are the Receiving RFD and this note is on the Buyer’s certificate, then we would not enter the firearm(s) on the Buyer’s certificate and this new process should be followed.

Note: If the Seller and Sending RFD are one and the same, they must perform the actions of the Seller and Sending RFD.