Collectible Vintage Shotgun Cartridges

We are, as a result of Tony’s passion for the subject,
specialists in collectible vintage shotgun cartridges. Tony has been a keen
collector of pre-1939 British paper and brass shotgun cartridges for the past 20
years, and is always happy to converse with other collectors on the subject.


The photographs below are a representative sample of
cartridges available for sale  or exchange with other collectors – Some are
exchange only, some are for sale.  The cartridges pictured may, or may not
still be available in various quantities. please remeber that you can click on
the picture to enlarge and then zoom in to get a better view.


 We are constantly looking for vintage British
shotgun cartridges for our collection and to trade, so please feel free to
contact us if you have any pre 1939 cartridges to sell or exchange; we pay good
prices for top-end specimens in any quantity.


Please note that any cartridge transactions will be face
to face only. Under no circumstances will we send cartridges by Royal Mail or
any other carrier.