Author: Julie

Google has messed up yet again.
For years we had the correct details on Google – contact details, location, information about what we do etc.
Then Google decided to add a second version – with the wrong address, wrong contact details etc.
We managed to get this sorted by adding stuff like “this is a duplicate entry with the wrong address etc” on the duplicate.
Google have now deleted the correct one, kept the wrong one, and removed all the corrections we had sorted on the wrong one! – And passed this information to Yell who now also have the wrong details!!!
Our address is:
2 Bridgend, East Whitburn, West Lothian EH47 0JA
Our phone number is 01501 741714
The above address and contact number has never changed (other than in Google’s mind!)
WE ARE NOT AT Bridgend place — THIS IS WRONG!

We apologise that our website has been unavailable for a few days, we were targeted by spammers who sent 6000-8000 spam emails using our contact us service. The contact us service is currently disabled, but will be available soon with the dreaded Captcha service applied!



Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22
Section 1
S&W M&P 15-22 Black Magpul versions (stock/M-Bus sights/grip etc), brand new with 25 round mag.  Spare mags in stock + mag-lock accessories available.




Jewell Trigger 
Brand new Jewell trigger, model HVRTSBR-A which includes RH safety; for the Remington 700 range.
This is the Hunter/Varmint/Bench-rest model




Calvin Elite Timney Trigger group
Brand new Calvin Elite model 520-CE replacement Trigger/upgrade for the Remington 700 range of rifles, this version includes safety and is adjustable between 8oz and 2.5lb 




Calibre: 308
Steyr SSG 10 rnd Mag
Brand new, boxed and unused magazine of the Steyr SSG in 308.




Calibre: 32 
CASH free Bullet Humane dispatcher
StockNo: 20073
Section 5
Entwistle conversion to 32 includes 102 rounds, reloading dies, a large quantity of bullets and a shoulder stock. 


Note: this is a section 5 (prohibited) firearm as such we will need advance notice, and proof of authority to hold ahead of viewing this item.
Second Hand




Calibre: 375 H&H
Spare Barrel for Sauer 202
StockNo: 18068
Section 1
202 barrel for the magnificent 375 Holland & Holland cartridge, with open sights – Ideal for classic big-game 
Second Hand




Calibre: 257 Weatherby Magnum
Weatherby Vanguard 
StockNo: 18067
Section 1 
Synthetic Vanguard, great condition, weaver bases inc 31 rnds ammo + 19 cases 
Second Hand




Gun Cleaning Station
A fantastic Gun-maintenance Box by Plano USA, allows for storage of tools parts, cleaning kit etc. Complete with tray and Yoke supports to hold your gun securely. Great for in-house or on-range work.  


(Tools and cleaning kit not included – BUT AVAILABLE!!!!)

Last two left!